The Energy Storage Solution

The Solibra Energy Storage Solution based on Vanadium Redox Flow enables the supply of electricity whenever it is needed – 24/7.

Each Solibra ES-Solution is individually designed according to the requirements of our customer. We are developing the components with a strong focus on quality, competence and efficiency. Hence, we can ensure a highly reliable system with little or no maintenance, but with one of the highest performances on the market.



The VRB-ES system is multifunctional. We develop individual solutions for our customers. Regardless of whether they want to save, create and store energy. The scope of the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery is therefore very broad.


Examples of applications

  • Storage for renewable energy
  • Industry solutions
  • Off-grid solutions (microgrids)
  • Balance power output and fluctuations


The battery can be used for frequency regulation and energy-time-shift applications:

a) Frequency Regulation
The frequency regulation provides a frequency stabilization by a short-term supply or withdrawal of energy. This happens when there is a frequency drift due to a sudden loss of a generating unit or a load connection/ disconnection

b) Energy Time Shift
In this application, the VRB-Energy Solution draws power from the grid during off-peak hours, for charging and supply load during peak hours through discharging. In this way, the energy storage will be able to shift the energy consumption from peak to off peak hours. This will also facilitate the storage of renewable energy in the off-peak times in order to guarantee the use at peak times.



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