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Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

Today’s world is getting linked more and more and therefore requires reliable energy systems. This refers to renewable energy and further to storage solutions for power sources. The energy storages will become increasingly important in order to guarantee the energy transfer even during disruptions of grid service and blackouts. These systems are of particular interest…read more

The Energy Storage Solution

The Solibra Energy Storage Solution based on Vanadium Redox Flow enables the supply of electricity whenever it is needed – 24/7. Each Solibra ES-Solution is individually designed according to the requirements of our customer. We are developing the components with a strong focus on quality, competence and efficiency. Hence, we can ensure a highly reliable…read more

Service & Maintenance

Each of our Energy Storage Solutions is designed according to the requirements of the customer. We guarantee that every component fits to the customer and also conforms to the local standards. Our broad service for the energy storage starts with a detailed analysis for the best possible solution. Due to quality management and the collaboration…read more


Through years of experience as an EPC, Solibra System Montage GmbH has built up a history of expertise in the operation and maintenance of large-scale energy systems. We were able to collect not only a lot of experience with substations but also in the planning and construction of photovoltaic systems.   Substation and photovoltaic system…read more

About the Company

Solibra Energy Storage Technologies GmbH belongs to the Solibra Group which is a global expert in developing, engineering, building and operating large-scale renewable energy systems. Here you can find some information about us and our global vision of a smart grid. Our company group has connected around 500 megawatts of PV systems to electricity grids…read more