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Solibra Energy Storage Technologies GmbH belongs to the Solibra Group which is a global expert in developing, engineering, building and operating large-scale renewable energy systems. Here you can find some information about us and our global vision of a smart grid.
Our company group has connected around 500 megawatts of PV systems to electricity grids worldwide since 2010. We installed projects on European markets like France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Germany. Our competent team of highly skilled experts successfully combine speed as well as flexibility and highest quality in delivering projects.

Due to the fact that Solibra Energy Storage Technologies GmbH (SEST) is a privately held company and the shareholders are actively involved in the operational business, decisions will be made promptly. Our structure ensures flexibility by responding quickly to the continuous market changes and custormers‘ needs. Solibra Energy Storage Technologies GmbH is headquartered in Lahnstein near Koblenz, Germany and is a dynamically growing company.


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The Company’s Global Vision

Solibra Energy Storage Technologies GmbH uses highly-promising strategies, including seeking out new growth impulses with high potential. So we represent our business interests abroad with competent and realiable partners. In addition to that we always try to expand by establishing subsidiaries which can generate synergies with our existing operation.

This enables us to refer to excellent long-term relationships overseas based on cooperation and integrity. The confidentiality of information and activities naturally belong to our working principals.

We set a good example by providing stable and efficient ways to use renewable energy. Our vision is to integrate these solutions into existing energy networks and to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. The autonomous power supply and storage solution are interesting especially for industrial customers and useful to ensure a smooth production process.

For this reason the development of an Energy Storage Solution was important to us. Solibra’s Business Unit „Vanadium Redox Flow Energy Storage Systems“ started in 2012.

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